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Food IT-Solutions can look back on over 30 years of expertise in the food industry, during which time we developed solutions for a large number of food manufacturers.

IC-trace is our own framework, entirely developed in-house, based on the premise that this solution should stay fully customisable to be aligned with requirements of our clients and industries.

The main advantage of our software is that we never have to start ‘from scratch’, since the basis of IC-trace remains the same at all times: best practices in business processes specific to the food industry and food distribution sector. That basis can then be easily adjusted, customised and extended, module per module – so the software grows at the same pace your business does.

Evidently, our approach focusses on the size of your business, the number of users, number of sites, etc. That is why any project always starts with an exploration of the situation during an intake interview, preferably followed by an audit.

Advice to size

We are convinced advice is the tool par excellence to really get to grips with the essence and context of issues. We first want to get to know your business, so that we fully understand the ins and outs.

Next, we link your know-how and experience to our food industry expertise. That way, we can implement IC-trace in the most optimal way.

Focussed approach

You are ambitious? So are we. We opt for a flexible approach in several phases, always with a clear goal (scope) and will align implementation with your expectations, priorities, timing and allocated budget.

We draw up a clear plan and involve you in every stage.

From concept to implementation

The Food IT-Solutions team consists of driven and seasoned professionals with a passion for IT and the food industry and with a hands-on approach, who make sure our clients can start in the best conditions.

In that respect, IC-trace is always tested, validated extensively with the client, to be fine-tuned to your needs.

Knowledge sharing

We work on the basis of collaboration, on-site presence, plenty of evaluation moments and an online support platform. The end goal: mutual understanding and a hands-on attitude.

Together, we anticipate the future.

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