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2019 07 15 Logo IC Trace bis

IC-trace is an all-in-one software solution for the food industry. It is an integrated solution to manage, automate and trace each aspect of the workflow, from reception of goods, to warehousing, production and distribution.

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Raw materials always are the basis of the production and processing of food. The reception of these raw materials ‒ which are numerous ‒ is the start of internal traceability.

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Thanks to IC-trace, you always have the correct information at hand, anytime, anywhere. Evidently, this results in optimisation of the efficiency and return of your organisation.

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IC-trace offers great solutions for small and large businesses; we always take the requirements and wishes of our clients to heart.

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IC-trace contains all features for optimal shipping, integrating administration as well as shop floor registrations.

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How Food IT-Solutions helps food companies with Business Intelligence (BI)? With the smart use of information gathered in IC-trace.

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IC-trace offers you a complete overview of all key elements and details of your organisation, offering you answers to a large number of questions and helping you take the right decision.

An overview of some of the benefits
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