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Are you looking for a comprehensive solution for your business? Your current solution doesn’t live up to requirements? In need of optimising existing processes and curious about the options? IC-trace can be implemented in all kinds of industries.


You slaughter animals for your own business or for third parties? All kinds of cattle?

IC-trace for cattle slaughterhouses
Prod van voeding

Vegetables, fruits, honey, dairy products, fish, ready-made meals, cooked produce, dry food, patisserie, sweets, bread… A solution for all applications.

IC-trace for food production
Food trading

You are a worldwide trader of basic products (Food Trading)? IC-trace manages the complex logistics follow-up (road transport, logistics hubs, seaports, airports…).

IC-trace for food trading
Prod vers vlees

You want to optimise your activities, such as deboning and cutting in accordance with predefined cutting schemes? To assemble products with different fresh meats? IC-trace offers plenty of added value thanks to automatic traceability for each processing step.

IC-trace for the meat industry

You run a pig abattoir. IC-trace is your perfect business solution, from receiving live animals to cutting and shipping meat and carcasses.

IC-trace for pig abattoirs

You run an abattoir that slaughters chickens and other kinds of poultry. IC-trace facilitates your operations with an automatic track and trace mechanism that avoids daily interval batches without stopping production.

IC-trace for poultry abattoirs
Prod van vleeswaren

You produce different kinds of meat products (salting-boiling-smoking) such as salami, smoked meat, sausages, …? IC-trace supports the entire production process (recipes, production stages, technical information, …), even including labelling the finished goods. IC-trace also controls and manages cost and margins and guarantees 100% traceability.

IC-trace for meat products production
Logo IC Trace alleen 2

You feel the need to step up a professional level? Stay ahead of the competition? Adopt innovations? Comply with the strict and fast changing regulations? To simplify your operations and de-stress? IC-trace helps to stay focused on your corporate activities and to establish a solid market reputation.

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