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Cost management

How to best manage production cost? In IC-trace you can define each separate step of the production process, which allows you to transparently manage and follow-up cost per individual ingredient, per time unit or unit, independent of the currency.

Pre-defined costings will be calculated automatically, in real time. You can zoom in on a pre-calculation based on estimated costs before actual production, as well as determine actual process cost based on real time and motion data.

  • Estimated costings will give an indication of:
  • Estimated cost of each production phase
  • Total cost of the production order
  • Estimated cost per individual finished product
  • Estimated cost of waste
  • Estimated cost of energy consumption
  • Total packaging cost
  • Cost of downtime in production
  • ...

IC-trace offers plenty of flexibility to allow the production manager to make adjustments in order to attain the optional price/time ratio for production.

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