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Food IT-Solutions’ involvement in Alpha Phenomics

After our November meeting with the team in Ireland and Lugano our objectives are clear. Offering the worldwide industry of pork, cattle, sheep and poultry, the most advanced and affordable high-tech solutions which have a positive impact on efficiency, carbon footprint, animal welfare, disease detection, food quality and traceability.

How? By providing solutions and disruptive data-driven technology that will lead to optimal animal protein productions. Market leading imaging hardware applications that are capable of capturing 3D, 4D, infra-red, microwave and thermal data images through multi-spectral camera technology. Resulting data is processed through complex analytic algorithms and the ERP deep learning system to provide real-time interpretation. This enables users (livestock farmer, processor and veterinarian) to more accurately predict outcomes and optimize their processes and can also serve as an early warning system through the use of metabolic surveillance for the prediction of disease and viral or bacterial infections.

Genetic evaluations, health monitoring, feed conversion efficiency, diagnosis of the estrus cycle, biometric assessment of individuals or groups, live animal carcass prediction, carcass component evaluation, and high levels of traceability without the use of RFID tags or other more expensive technologies.

This are some examples of how Food IT-Solutions and IC-trace contribute to minimize the ecological footprint.

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