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Meet Willy Goossens

Willy Goossens (CEO) is a valued and talented business leader with a clear vision on food process automation and traceability. 

Willy grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and at a young age already became acquainted with the meat industry and affiliate sectors. From the age of 14 till when he graduated as a systems analyst, he worked in the meat processing industry every school holiday. These experiences in fact became his driver to start understanding and optimising shop floor procedures. Eventually this defined his career, which resulted in developing his own software: IC-trace.

Willy’s initiatives as an entrepreneur haven’t always run flawlessly, not in the least because a significant amount of money needed to be invested during times of evolution and instability in the world of software development and operating systems such as MS.DOS, Windows and Linux. In the end, Willy chose Java as the language to develop in, combined with other open source components such as Linux. To this day, that has proven to be the correct choice. 

Over the years Willy always remained focussed on his true passion: developing elaborate and accurate software for the food industry. That led him to create a unique concept for supply chain traceability, spanning the entirety of the food processing process ‒ from (automatic) goods reception to warehousing, production and distribution ‒ in fact long before the industry even subscribed to the importance of such system. 

Today we continue to optimise and expand our IC-trace software. Willy shares his in-depth know-how of the food processing industry with his consultancy service, for which he collaborates with long-term and reliable colleagues in Belgium and abroad. 

Flexibility and being solution-driven, those are the cornerstones of Willy’s way to support small and large businesses with implementing sustainable solutions, whether it be to solve a specific problem or to roll out an end-to-end optimisation plan.

Willy Goossens
Get to know Willy Goossens

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