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Traceability makes your organization crisis-proof

Not only is the traceability of food and raw materials used for this purpose in the chain required by law (EU Directive), traceability and transparency is also an absolute necessity.

Traceability functions in two directions. Producers should be able to control who has delivered the raw materials, and to whom they sold their products at any time. These end products have to be accurately registered, labeled and identified.

At their turn, customers should be able to trace the information about the purchased product(s) back to its origin.

Human errors can have serious consequences. Product recalls and damage to reputation, is the greatest fear of any organization. But how can you be prepared? To ensure traceability, quality and safety, food producers must feature systems and procedures for traceability of purchased raw materials, produced semi-finished and finished products.

Smart ERP systems provide the ability to collect all data into software that makes the entire process registered, automated, monitored, tracked and analyzed. The path to efficiency starts at simplification and digitization.

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