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Pig abattoirs

Running a pig abattoir is a specialised business requiring specifically designed software. Whether you slaughter pigs for your own processing plant or for third parties, IC-trace is the perfect solution.

IC-trace solution

  • Registration of live animals based on transport documents or electronic declarations (depending on the country);
  • Integrated scanning and archiving of transport documents, including registration of live animals;
  • Some functionalities depend on the animal’s subcategory;
  • If applicable: electronic data exchange with computer systems of authorities (veterinary institution) to obtain approval for slaughter;
  • Integrated classification procedure;
  • Synchronisation of registered data gathered at different stations of the slaughter line;
  • Integration with diverse kinds of equipment, RIFD tags in hooks, weighing scales, classification equipment (AUTOFOM, FAT-O-Meter (pistol), cameras, etc.);
  • (Direct) Online data exchange;
  • Electronic data exchange (slaughter results) with third parties, via integrated mail (configurable: retailer, client, farmer, etc);
  • Procurement administration: from animals to payment;
  • Invoicing of slaughter services;
  • Specific overviews, reports and statistical analyses;
  • ...
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