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Fresh meat

A particular feature of the meat industry is the actual butchering process. A piece of carcass will be processed (boning - cutting - cleaning - packing) into a number of different products. These ‘end products’ will be entered into the next stage of the chain as raw materials or ingredients of consumer products.

This implies that the specific process stages and steps need to be implemented in and supported by the software.

Why use IC-trace?

  • Managing cutting schemes (cuts), in general or per client;
  • Automatic work order generation triggered by orders;
  • Several analysis templates and return figures;
  • Specific functions for the industry;
    Examples: sales of parts per weight with bone. Reception procedure on the shop floor for carcasses and other meat products as well as packaging, transformations fresh to frozen etc.
  • Batch management with integrated checks in accordance to regulations per type of product;
  • Integrated weighing and labelling:
    • Per cut and order;
    • For stock in general or per client;
    • Directly on sales orders;
    • Including simple shop floor interface: touchscreen;
    • Integrated weight indication and use of weight parameters such as tare, tare -> 0, etc;
    • Affordable shop floor hardware solutions and brand independent;
  • In house management of label lay-outs using the IC-trace label design tool;
  • Registers of inbound and outbound movements per warehouse location;
  • Integrated administration: orders, deliveries, transport, CMR, attachments, etc;
  • Efficient shipping management;
  • Empties follow-up per client;
  • 100% accurate and automatic traceability – unique codes per product;
  • Almost entirely made-to-measure thanks to the IC-trace configuration tool: numerous parameters allow you to extensively personalise procedures per workstation;
  • ...
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