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B2B trade (trading)

Worldwide trading of food commodities requires specific software features. Most of the time, an ERP package doesn’t have these facilities. Within the sector, so many different businesses have adopted as many different ways of working. The FOOD IT team anticipated this complexity by developing a solution within IC-trace in close collaboration with several clients.

What added value offers IC-trace to the trading industry?

  • Contract management (templates): procurement - sales - broker;
  • Logistics management and follow-up of shipments:
    • Procurement – sales;
    • Sea freight – road transport – air transport – train;
    • Direct delivery from seller to buyer;
    • Shipments via logistics hubs and transport firms;
  • Trading & positioning (tool for traders);
    • What to buy for existing sales contracts?
    • What to sell for existing procurement contracts?
  • Inventory management: in transit - in logistics hubs;
  • Management of accounts receivable - cash flow;
  • Electronic data interchange between stakeholders;
  • Different procedures: repacking - cleaning - transfers;
  • Combining batches;
  • Product definitions: article references – origins - brands - packaging methods - quality labels;
  • Weighing / labelling of products (touchscreen support);
  • Efficient document management: price offers - contracts - orders - deliveries - transport;
  • Traceability;
  • Several specific features, customised to fit the business;
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