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IC-trace foor cattle slaughterhouses

You slaughter animals for your own business or for third parties? Bovines, horses, sheep, goats, bison, ostriches or other large animals. All kinds of cattle?

IC-trace solution

  • Administration:
    • Registration of live animals based on the animals’ passport (ID);
    • Integrated ID document processing via document scanning with automatic barcode recognition;
    • Data exchange with external systems: government – classification bodies – food safety – laboratories – clients; …
    • Bovine animals: automatic BSE certificate depending on applicable conditions;
    • Electronic data exchange (slaughter results) with third parties (trader, client, farmer, transport firm, …);
    • Procurement administration: animals – taxes;
    • Invoicing of services;
    • Specific overviews and reports: statistics;
    • ...
  • Slaughtering line:
    • Ante-Mortem inspection;
    • Pre-sorting at the start of the slaughter line (sequencing);
    • Registration of damages and remarks linked to the slaughter line;
    • Carcass classification procedure;
    • Identification of skin, organs, carcass parts etc;
    • Automatic carcass stock management;
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