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Production management

For whom?

IC-trace is suitable for straightforward as well as complex production environments.

We always consider the client’s situation. For large organisations, in many cases an organised approach to production is an absolute must. In smaller businesses, the amount of ‘on the fly’ production orders or last minute orders normally is higher.

100% integration between administration and operations

In production and distribution companies, the shop floor is heaving with activity, with tasks such as reception of goods (inbound goods) and the accompanying quality checks, organising cutting, preparation of recipes, executing production steps, weighing, labelling and identifying semi-finished products and end products.

Our software helps to structure your procedures and your employees are supported in executing their daily tasks. Moreover, IC-trace compiles all activities, ensuring smooth administrative follow-up.

Production management

For in-depth follow-up and support of all production activities, including production planning and strict cost management.

Some options:

IC-trace offers total control and synchronises all aspects of the production process. We will always endeavour to integrate all equipment used in the process.

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