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Inventory management

Efficiency and effectiveness

With IC-trace you always have correct information, anytime, anywhere.

  • What raw materials, semi-finished products, packaging material and end products are available per expiry date and in what position?
  • Which semi-finished products and finished products are available, but not yet packed and labelled?
  • What was the inventory level of product X on a certain date in the past?
  • What was the stock per batch or expiry date of a product?
  • How to avoid cold products to be stored in an unconditioned area?
  • ...

Special focus on food safety audits

In the future, food safety inspectors and auditors will increasingly scrutinise inventory management on batch level, since only a correct inventory level per batch can guarantee correct tracing.

Inventory management in the food industry is very ‘specific’

Inventory management in the food industry is different to how inventory is managed in other sectors.

We will at all times endeavour to gather reliable data, which is why within IC-trace methods such as FIFO and FEFO are applied only sparingly.

Unique product codes and batch codes

Faultless inventory management thanks to the automatic creation of unique product and batch codes

Some options:

  • Compatibility with and integration of a diverse range of technologies: barcode scanning, RFID; …
  • All necessary work floor procedures for inventory management: inventory – stock location transfer – inventory adjustment – eliminating inventory – reception – sales (selection);…
  • Accuracy thanks to unique product ID: scanning a barcode incorrectly or accidentally twice will not affect the outcome;
  • Customised configuration of inventory management to fit your needs (e.g. per batch/article, per batch/brand…);
  • Reports on stock movements;
  • Current stock level or stock level at a certain moment in the past;
  • ...
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