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IC-trace collects all information to optimise shipping as much as possible. Paperwork, preparation of unloading and loading upon departure and arrival is faster, easier and more correct. 

Preparation is key 

IC-trace offers the possibility to organise shipping in different ways. Simple, or with planned routes, for domestic shipments or export, with external or own transport.

All goods registrations take place directly on the shop floor, avoiding any copying of data or paperwork.

100% traceability compliance? 

Pre-shipping requires products to be grouped. Per physical group (packages, article, caddy, pallet…) a label is printed containing the content of the shipment, in order to simplify loading and adding an additional check on the loading being complete. An RFID label is also possible.

All goods prepared in pre-shipping are not yet entered into the outbound tracking register, since they are still present on your business’ premises or warehouse. 

Shipping from the shop floor 

The procedure to support an easy way of actual shipping or loading of a truck (picking). This phase can be facilitated by the use of tools such as tablets, PDAs, scanners etc. 

Important features

  • Registrations are added directly to the delivery documents; 
  • Fast registration thanks to prior grouping (pre-shipping);
  • All scanned or weighed products automatically appear on the documents; 
  • Integrated labelling whilst preparing the shipment;
  • Easy user interface via Touchscreen support;
  • Automatic printing of transport documents for a full truck;
  • Automatic compiling and printing of CMR documents; 
  • Automatic updates of the outbound registers for traceability; 
  • Automatic inventory management;
  • Diversity in reports;
  • Follow-up of drivers, freight transport and time registrations; 
  • Follow-up of deliveries via mobile app;
  • ...
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