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100% auto-control regarding food safety and traceability

IC-trace guarantees origin traceability of products all the way to the smallest saleable unit, since this software gathers all details of the production process of raw materials. Thanks to the fact the products are allocated a unique code, you attain a high level of precision and avoid any mistakes during the processing stages.

Because of the end-to-end control of the entire chain, IC-trace is compliant with all current standards, requirements, guidelines and quality assurance systems such as IFS, BRC, HACCP, QS and ISO 9001/22000.

Flexible and fully integrated

Food IT-Solutions does not implement stand-alone solutions or offline applications. Thanks to its many functionalities, modules and ways to be integrated, IC-trace is a real-time solution that supports your company’s needs; even future needs.

Immediately after implementation, IC-trace will streamline your activities and ensure all systems are integrated (administration, production, equipment).

Since you will only work with a single software package, managing production and logistics will become much easier, smoother and more cost efficient.

Electronic Data Interchange

IC-trace of course is an excellent solution with a wealth of functionalities, but there is more. We also included the integration of external applications, such as compatibility with finance software, electronic invoicing systems, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions and tools to communicate with clients, suppliers and official bodies.

Using InterCompany Data Interchange for automatic reception (inbound) of goods is one of the examples of automation of the goods reception procedure, without having to use complicated and expensive EDI solutions.

Thanks to this automatic data exchange, manual data entry is reduced to a minimum. It also reduces the chance of mistakes, shortens throughput time and maximises traceability.

Solid production management

IC-trace allows you full control over every step of the production process. You organise, manage and take care of the follow-up of raw materials, semi-finished products, end products, recipes, equipment, personnel and personnel cost, quality requirements, quantities, safety and shelf life.

Our software offers flexibility, so we can align the features with the specifics and needs of every sector. For instance, an abattoir has other expectations than a meat processing plant, a bakery or dairy producer. The same goes for the production and processing of vegetables and fruits, sweets, chocolate, drinks, fish or ready-made meals.

InterCompany traceability

Intercompany traceability is a unique feature of IC-trace. Companies that have implemented IC-trace are able to exchange available data very easily. In case you would opt to use blockchain technology, we can help you as well with the installation at this level.

Correct information in real time

IC-trace offers a complete insight in all key elements and details of your organisation, an overview that will help you find an answer to many a question and that will steer you in taking the correct decision:

  • How many products do we have in stock and what is their use-by-date?
  • Where are these products stored?
  • What is the total cost of a product?
  • How can the cost price be kept under control?
  • What are the losses and critical points?
  • How can the return be improved?
  • What are the costs and/or margins of recent production?
  • ...
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